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Introducing the newest Preschool Children's Ministry Curriculum

Let's go on a Picnic and learn about God's Love

So you are preparing to direct a children's church program for preschoolers. Congratulations! The preschoolers who walk into your rooms are blessed that someone cares enough about them to invest their time in curriculum programming and scheduling, and well, you know all that it involves. Kidz Blitz is pullin' for you, which is why we created the Kiddie Blitz brand for preschool-focused church products.

PICNIC, by Kidz Blitz, not only has preschoolers in mind but the wonderful women and men who volunteer their time to work with them. PICNIC is structured to offer a predictable lesson sequence because these little ones rely on predictability. And as the director, we can't always rely on volunteers to prepare early, so a predictable lesson sequence also makes easy planning for class leaders. Also there is no need to worry about class size when purchasing because PICNIC will work for any number of kids.

--Download the Picnic Introduction, CLICK HERE--

--Download the Picnic Sample Lesson, CLICK HERE--

To view the lesson titles, click the product below.

Picnic also works well as a 3rd year of Critter Land. SEE HERE

Full Year of Picnic Picnic Volume 2 DOWNLOAD
Our Price: $425.00
Our Price: $212.00
Picnic Picnic Volume 2
Picnic Volume 1 DOWNLOAD Picnic Puppets add on
Our Price: $198.00
Our Price: $42.00
Picnic Volume 1 Picnic Puppets add on