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I purchased the Shapin' Up Fitness Camp to do as a VBS alternative. The kids that I was able to minister to received the message and are already changing some of their habits. Not only was I able to minister to the elementary aged children, but because I had teenagers as volunteer leaders I was able to reach them as well. They were all so into the program and I know they heard the message loud and clear.

--Children's Pastor, Florida

Fitness Camp

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Want to address a culturally relevant issue in a Biblical manner? So do we!

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Fitness Camp helps kids discover a healthy lifestyle of nutrition and fitness so they can accomplish God’s purpose for their lives.

The Fitness Camp curriculum has all the information you need to lead a five day Fitness Camp for kids who have completed first through sixth grade. This program can be used as a VBS alternative! Don't need a 5 day program? Fitness Camp is so flexible that it can be used as a mid-week series. You really have many options. And, as a Director, you don’t need a background in Health and Fitness; just follow along with the easy-to-teach format of the curriculum.

Shapin’ Up has...

flexible activities

flexible scheduling

flexible cost

Fitness Camp emphasizes nutrition and physical activity choices, not weight control or having a particular body size or shape. Kids will learn to be aware of how they spend their free time and what they are putting into their body. They will be given challenges to help focus on healthy habits. They will also learn simple, fun exercises they can do daily.

Each day will include an exciting Fitness Challenge: a physical exercise class, followed by an intriguing Health Challenge: a Bible-based discussion on healthy lifestyles. After this, Directors may choose the optional activities of lunch and going on an exciting field trip (Target Zone) for the remainder of the day.

The curriculum a daily Bible study and applied verse to get kids thinking about how God designed them. This is a great outreach opportunity for kids in your camp to learn about Jesus Christ. They’ll learn:

  • God designed us to serve Him

  • Our bodies belong to God and are His temple

  • Self-control shows God controls our lives

  • We need to make choices based on God’s desires

  • We need to be wise to Satan’s deceit

Flexible scheduling and activities Use as summer camp or alternative to VBS Reusable year after year Complete curriculum - everything included Great community outreach tool

Shapin’ Up Objectives

  • Teach life-long healthy habits specifically designed for elementary kids.

  • Explain through exciting Bible stories and intriguing illustrations how and why the body was designed by God.

  • Explain how the body processes food to energize, build muscle, and how organs and body systems work together to use food for our best health.

  • Explain why daily exercise is critical to life long health and how exercise influences metabolism.

  • Explain that substance use and abuse leads to permanent harm to the body.

  • Teach kids to enjoy success from personal achievement, healthy eating choices and showing self-control.

Fitness Camp
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Michelle Romain's Shapin' Up Fitness Camp