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Crash - Pray Like This Series Download
Crash - Pray Like This Series Download

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When the power of God's Word and the excitement of fun collide, you get a remarkable new curriculum from Kidz Blitz: Crash!

Imagine kids learning BIG truths from God's Word while having fun playing, scoring points and interacting. Crash is a game-driven Bible curriculum designed to turn kids from spectators into participants. Like you, we have discovered kids learn best by doing.

Pray Like This series talks about the pattern for prayer Jesus gave the disciples in the Lord's Prayer. This pattern is the foundation for kids in their prayer life.

Crash Curriculum is a Word document. You will need Microsoft Word to open this document.

Pray Like This: Mat. 6:9-13

Lesson 1: Father God is With Me (Ex. 3:1-14)
Lesson 2: God's Will is Good (Mat. 8:1-3)
Lesson 3: God Takes Care of Me (Luke 5:1-10)
Lesson 4: Forgive Others (Gen. 37-47)
Lesson 5: Don't Go There (Gen. 2-3)

Each 5-week series includes:

Small Group and Large Group options
Take Away Idea
Memory Verse
Whadda Ya Think
Looking Out
Takeaway Suitcase Challenge
High-Octane Game
Blooperz Sock Story
Verse Sphere Game
Mr. Gizmo (optional)
The Sneaker
Review Game
Shout It Out phrase (optional)
E-Mail Blitz to parents (optional)