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formerly known as TakeAway

NO video!
NO magic!
NO clowns!
NO puppets!
Crash is about DOING!

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Kidz Blitz believes that churches need a children's ministry strategy. Strong children's ministries happen when churches support the family and families support the church. Families are strengthened when they can leverage the influence of the church to help raise kids on a godly foundation.

Kidz Blitz specializes in creative participation. Kids are wired to participate. To best reach kids with their message, children's ministry programs can incorporate the idea that kids learn best while doing stuff. God did not make them to merely sit and watch. As Leonard Sweet has stated, "It's not the art of the performance, but the art of the participation."

CRASH children's church curriculum generates participation and learning. Through high-energy, fun-packed games, kids will take away a message of God's love and the importance of an ongoing relationship with their Holy Father.