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Our church purchased the FamNite Live Curriculum and license and successfully completed our first FamNite Live event.
It was a huge hit!
--Andrew: Assistant/Children's Pastor

DIY...FX Live Style!


From the creators of Kidz Blitz Live and FX Live... FamNite Live is a resource that enables you to conduct a high-octane, family ministry experience in your church (sort of...a do-it-yourself kit!)

These simple ideas seem obvious to me now. How could I not see them before? The truth is that it took 20 years, several hundred thousand miles, hundreds of churches in every denomination to refine this program. It DOES work...on many levels. What you are buying is what I have spent most of my adult life perfecting.

I have tried hundreds of good ideas that turned out to be OK, but not exactly the best fit for this type of production. Implemented properly, these ideas work best. I learned the hard way. Thanks for checking it out.--Roger Fields President of Kidz Blitz Ministries

FamNite What You Get

Instruction Manual (printed)
Sound Track CD (12 tracks)
Countdown 1 DVD: 3 Game Countdown Videos
Countdown 2 DVD: 3 Game Countdown Videos
Countdown 3 DVD: Start, 1 Game and bonus Countdown Videos
Graphics (digital): posters, handouts, tickets
Training Video

We do NOT provide props. However, we will show you how to get/build everything you need for props, etc. Some props are optional. You can scale this event to the size that works for you.


FamNite Live is information/training about how to conduct your own high-energy family experience. This valuable information has been developed and perfected over 20 years of experience in conducting family events in every denomination across America. You, now, can purchase what we have learned over nearly a decade and a half. This is intellectual property. It is the secrets/do's/dont's that we have learned the hard way.

With your purchase you will receive a license for FamNite Live. You will be allowed to conduct this event in your church or at an off-campus site as often as you wish. You may also modify the event any way you choose that best fits your needs.

The license does NOT allow the following:

Transfer of information/materials to another church.

Conducting the event as a traveling ministry.

WARNING: Follow the Instruction Manual closely and you will have a GREAT family event. Stray from it...and you are on your own.