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Rewire is designed to be a conversation starter. We want to come alongside the adults that are already in the lives of students and guide them into meaningful discussion. Sexuality in our culture has such a strong influence over our students. Rewire hopes to work against that strong current and rewire the minds of the next generation into a healthier picture of sexuality. Watch this message from a Student Pastor.

Rewire's mission is to produce quality material for middle and high school students that educates and creates conversation about sexual issues while inspiring our future generations to be proactive in the fight against sexual exploitation. Watch this message from a high school student

Rewire is a curriculum geared specifically to students. It covers the relevant topics that our students need to be discussing, including: Pornography, Sexual Abuse, Trafficking and Social Media. The format includes video teaching from national speaker, Scott Harvey, coupled with the testimonies of 3 women who have walked difficult paths in life regarding these four areas. At the end of the teaching time, students can break into smaller groups and use our age-appropriate, faith-based questions to get dialogue started.

We know that parenting and guiding teenagers in the current age of technology can be difficult. It’s a new day. Technology has been a game changer and put the world at the fingertips of our students...both good and bad. There is so much “out there” that they can be exposed to. We know that parents and adults who work with students can find it difficult to start those important conversations about sexuality, technology and current issues. You know you should be talking about these things, but where do you even begin? Watch Roger Fields talk about why Blitz Ministries has gotten behind Rewire.

These video sessions can be used individually or as a series.

Refuge for Women is a national non-profit geared toward women who have been sexually exploited and are wishing to escape the sex industry. In over 5 years of serving these women, we began to see some patterns emerge in their backgrounds. The same issues in their early lives came up over and over again. While our passion and mission remains to bring healing to the women in our program, we found ourselves asking, “What if we could reach an entire generation before they walked down the paths that some of our guests have traveled? What if we put some of our resources into root of the problem?” That’s how rewire was born.

Proceeds from the purchase of this resource go to Refuge for Women, an organization actively rescuing women from human trafficking.