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Children's Church Bible Curriculum
for your Children's Ministry

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Adventure Bay is skit-based Bible curriculum designed for younger elementary
ages and emphasizing faith, God's power and the work of the Holy Spirit.

Adventure Bay is flexible enough to use in a variety of church situations. Whether your children's ministry is large or small, has short services or long services, or even has to share a children’s church room with a school, Adventure Bay Bible curriculum will work well for you. Don’t hesitate to tailor it to your needs and circumstances. It is an effective guide to building a progressive children’s ministry while being highly adaptable.

what you get...

48 Lessons On Foundational Bible Principles

48 Bible Stories

Over 120 Quick & Easy "Real-Time" Skits!

48 Object Lessons

Seaside Celebrations (every fifth Sunday)

12 Offering Teachings

48 Ice Breaker Games

48 Puppet Action! Skits

Complete Start-Up Guide

3 HOT! Lesson Review Games

48 Treasure Map Word Finders

48 Note In The Bottle Theme Phrases

48 Knot of the Week Memory Phrases

What is all this stuff?

Percy the Pirate

Adventure Bay skits are short and simple but provide a real spark to your children's ministry. They do not require a rehearsal. For instance, each lesson has a skit for Percy, the local pirate. He is quite loveable and not really mean, just seriously misguided. He attempts to pour cold water on the lesson each week by proclaiming that he doesn't do what the Captain just taught. The Captain then asks him a question or two exposing the pirate's lack of victory. The point is made. You can live victoriously by God's word or reject His word and live in defeat like Percy.


Adventure Bay is light on puppets and heavy on interaction. Coconut helps with the memory verse. The Captain leads the kids in teaching Coconut the memory verse. Coconut always gets a key word turned around and then causes a disturbance. The effect is that the kids learn the verse and Coconut's disturbance makes it memorable.

The Treasure Map

Each child receives a lesson-related word finder or cross word puzzle on the back of a treasure map. You can crumple it up like an old treasure map and give it to them as they leave.

Shriver The Diver

Each week Shriver the Diver enters the room wearing flippers, mask and snorkel. He proclaims that he has made a great discovery on the ocean floor. He pulls the object out of a bag and the Captain explains that it is not what Shriver thought it was. The Captain then explains what the object is and ties it in with the lesson. Undaunted, Shriver leaves determined to make the great discovery next week.


Each lesson has a great game. The games allow kids to be kids. The games also make the new kids feel at home.

Note In The Bottle

Each week the Captain must find the bottle before the lesson can begin. It contains a note with the lesson theme. When it is found, a kid is selected to read it. Then the lesson moves to high gear.

(K)not Of The Week

The Knot of the Week is the flip side of the lesson theme. For instance, if the lesson theme is "God gives us courage," the Knot of the Week might be "I will NOT be afraid." The Captain holds up the knotted rope and the kids know that as their cue to shout the Knot of the Week phrase.

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