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Full Year of Picnic

Our Price: $425.00

Product Code: PICNIC


This FULL YEAR product includes 52 lessons divided into 4-week series

Each 4 week series includes

  • Memory Verse
  • Nugget Phrase
  • Worship Time
  • 4 Bible Stories
  • Little Ants
  • Ant Meeting Small Group Time
  • Object Connection
  • Fruit Loop Review Game
  • 4 Crafts
  • 4 Just for Fun Game

This full year kit includes

  • Introduction
  • 52 lessons in PDF format
  • Graphics
  • ZZZeke the Bee puppet
  • Winston the Squirrel puppet
  • Benny the Ant poster
  • Fruit Loop Review Game
  • Yancy praise and worship CD

Lesson Titles

Weeks 1-13

Weeks 14-26

Wow God

God Didn't Leave Us in the Dark!

Night Vision

The Mountain of "Wow, look at that!"

Talking Donkey

God is an Artist

Short Zacchaeus

God Made Us Different Colors

We Worship Differently

A Talent is Something I Do Well

God is Better Than a Bandaid

Jesus Heals 10

From the Rooftop

Muddy Eyes

Keep in Touch

God is Like Glue

God Stuck with Abraham

God Stuck with Moses

God Stuck with Joseph

God Stuck with Daniel

God is a Good Listener

Nehemiah Builds a Wall

Jesus Prays for Lazarus

Elijah Prays for Help

Hannah Prays for a Baby

God is Strong

Joshua Smashes the Walls

God Knocked Over a Giant!

God is Stronger than the Red Sea

God Burned Up an Altar

Picnic Party for Week 13

Picnic Party for Week 26

Weeks 27-39

Weeks 40-52

I Can Work for God Now

Little Servant Girl

Josiah, the Boy King


Jesus Does His Father's Business

Joseph was Patient

Joseph Has a Dream

The Deep, Dark Hole

Joseph is Forgotten

Joseph Misses His Little Brother

Moses: Now and Later

Moses' Big Decision

Moses and the Red Sea

Moses the Leader

Moses Sees God

Be Happy!

Happy to Have God's Word

Happy in Jail

Be Happy Your Name is in Heaven

Baby John is Happy

Good Stuff

The Woman at the Well

A Lame Man Walks

John Learns to Love

God Gets Saul's Attention

Words of My Mouth

Joshua's Quiet March

Jonah Praised God

Abram's New Name

Jesus Speaks to the Storm

Picnic Party for Week 39

Picnic Party for Week 52